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Our group meets monthly and many of the members prepare a story, responding to a preset theme, to read at the meeting.  This month’s theme was Immortality.  I prepared a story, but due to a class I was taking at WriterHouse I just didn’t have a lot of time to write, so my story is short, and I inserting it here.  I hope you enjoy it, and let me know what you think!


2 June 2012 


There was something about the glistening drop on the side of her glass of ice water. It sparkled colors not seen in any of the other drops; sparkles of green and blue, twirling and gyrating. What could be causing that? She peered closer. The drop vibrated. She placed her hands flat on the table, yet there was no discernable vibration from a passing truck or bus she could detect. Why did it do what it was doing?

“Wow!” she said aloud. “What’s that about!?”

She pushed herself away from table and went to the counter to pay her bill.

The drop sparkled like a quasar. Within the drop a figure crouched, silvery white, lithe and nimble. A twist of its palm and a beam shot forth, exploding in the birth of a galaxy. From another palm a beam shot forth piercing through the center of a black hole. From its brow came waves of creation. Cities rose up, continents emerged, oceans filled and drained. Vessels escaped worldly bounds, leaving for the horizons of other worlds.

And then it sat back to consider its work, and its work was good. Across the eons the lights of creation sparkled. Galactic waves of creation, creating over and over.

Within its crystalline self the silvery figure closed its eyes and melted back into its seat of forever.

A busboy came to the table, dropping plates and utensils into a plastic tub. He went to pluck the glass from the table and hesitated. A drop on its slippery surface flashed a brilliant blue ray. For a moment his mind toyed with the vision. Then he rolled his eyes and tossed the glass into the tub, the drops on its side melding together, running into a greasy puddle on the bottom.



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